What Veterans are Saying about UBC MVP Training

"The MVP program was great! It gave me a one year credit towards my apprenticeship and a pay raise. They started me off at $19/hour but once they saw all the training I received from the MVP program, I was bumped up to almost $40/hour. I work at least 40 hours every week sometimes 50-60. This career path has allowed me to live comfortably without having to worry about bills or other expenses. I am grateful for the opportunity that the MVP program has afforded me."
Josh Henly
Veteran & MVP Carpenter Graduate
Member of Boston Local 346
"First and foremost I’d like to tell you that after two years of working as a union millwright after graduating the UBC MVP program – It has changed our lives in a lot of great ways. Second, I am forever grateful not only for the opportunities you folks and this free program provide but also the career path that it has given me and my family."
John Emmra
Veteran & MVP Millwright Graduate | Ft. Hood, TX
"Above all, my Family is the most important thing dear to me. Transitioning from the military is scary and having this program and this career is huge. I have been working as a team in the military and being a part of this millwright team is part of my extended family just like the military – I am proud to be part of. It helps me provide for my family more than I imagined. My grandfather was a millwright, I never understood why he was so tired all the time but was a proud distinguished man, now I understand him. Thanks to the UBC MVP training and apprenticeship, I can follow in his footsteps and have a great career. I will be forever grateful."
Brian Stephenson
Veteran & MVP Millwright Graduate | Ft. Hood, TX
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