MiLlwright, Pile Driver, & Carpenter Jobs for Veterans

UBC MVP is an innovative classroom and hands-on training with direct entry and 1-year of credit into our Millwright, Carpenter, or Pile Driver Apprenticeship programs. Earn while you learn and gain access to jobs for veterans in the skilled trades.

EASILY TRANSITION FROM the MILITARY TO a career as a millwright, pile driver, or carpenter

  • First and foremost, thank you for your service. UBC takes special care in creating programs that lead to jobs for veterans and especially career opportunities with exceptional pay & benefits. With UBC Military Veterans Program (MVP), you choose your career path as a Millwright / Industrial Mechanic, Pile Driver, or Carpenter, and then complete a free 8-week program specifically designed for veterans. In addition, you’ll earn while you learn. No experience is needed although your MOS may have already prepared you for this innovative, hands-on training.

Therefore, if you are a military veteran interested in a career in the trades, choosing a path as a Millright, Pile Driver, or Carpenter offers significantly more benefits than other jobs.

Industrial Mechanic, Pile Driver & Carpenter Training Program Leads to Jobs for Veterans

To follow are just a few of the benefits you’ll receive from the Military Veterans Training Program whether you choose the Millwrights track, the Pile Driver track, or the Carpenters track. Because employers are looking for skilled tradespeople to fill jobs in essential industries, like power generation, process plants, highway, heavy industrial, and more, you’ll have exceptional career options.

  • FREE 8-Week Hands-On Training: innovative program prepares you for a career in essential industries
  • No GI Bill Required
  • Earn While You Learn: simultaneously throughout training and apprenticeship
  • Excellent Wages
  • Health Insurance (for You & Your Dependents)
  • Retirement Benefits – 401k/Annuities/Pension
  • Lifetime Skill Training for Career Advancement at No Cost
  • Lastly, access to Millwright and Carpenter Contractors Who Hire Veterans

Which Career Path is Right for You – Millwright, Pile Driver,  or Carpenter?

Comparatively, each of these trades – as a Millwright, Pile Driver, or Carpenter – provide services to essential industries and subsequently offer excellent career opportunities and benefits for veterans. However, if you are not sure which career path to choose, the first part of the free Military Veterans Program (MVP) job training defines the careers so you can determine which track best fits you.

  • MILLWRIGHTS TRAINING TRACK: build skills to maintain, repair, install, and overhaul turbines, pumps, valves, motors, conveyors, and other critical machinery.
  • PILE DRIVERS TRAINING TRACK: build skills to become an expert in the construction, installation, repair, and removal of deep piles, caisson foundations, and marine installations. 
  • CARPENTERS TRAINING TRACK: build skills that include drywall, steel stud, acoustical ceiling, flooring, finish work, and interior systems

See What Veterans Are Saying After Completing MVP  – Read the Reviews & Outlook for Veterans Jobs

Obviously, hearing from veterans who have completed the UBC Military Veterans Program (MVP) is undoubtedly more important than anything we can say in a description. Read real veterans reviews since they have completed the free 8-week training program as well as started jobs working in the trades:

Read the Reviews from veteran-graduates

Sign Up for the Next Veterans Millwright, Pile Driver, & Carpenter Job Training Sessions

First, check out the cohort training sessions currently planned at Fort Hood, Texas; Fort Campbell, Kentucky; and Fort Drum, New York. Second, click Apply Today and complete the form; however, if you have questions, feel free to contact our MVP or your CSP on base.

Ready to Get Started as a Millwright, Pile Driver, or Carpenter?

Contact us to start a career you’ll love. Earn while you learn a skilled trade as an industrial mechanic / millwright, pile driver, or carpenter regardless of experience or MOS. Once you complete training, you’ll have opportunities to work where you live or travel to where you’re needed as an apprentice and following as a journeyman.

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