Want to know what veterans are saying after completing the free 8-week Military Veterans Program and starting jobs in the millwright and carpenter trades industry? Read the MVP graduate veterans job program reviews.

Just a few of the military veteran reviews about the training program:

John Emmra – MVP Graduate Ft. Hood, TX

First and foremost I’d like to tell you that after two years of working as a union millwright after graduating the UBC MVP program – It has changed our lives in a lot of great ways. Second, I am forever grateful not only for the opportunities you folks and this free program provide but also the career path that it has given me and my family.

Brian Stephenson – MVP Graduate Ft. Hood, TX | Millwright

Above all, my Family is the most important thing dear to me. Transitioning from the military is scary and having this program and this career is huge. I have been working as a team in the military and being a part of this millwright team is part of my extended family just like the military – I am proud to be part of. It helps me provide for my family more than I imagined. My grandfather was a millwright, I never understood why he was so tired all the time but was a proud distinguished man, now I understand him. Thanks to the UBC MVP training and apprenticeship, I can follow in his footsteps and have a great career. I will be forever grateful.

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters takes special care in creating programs for veterans that offer career opportunities with exceptional pay and benefits. For this reason, the Military Veterans Program (UBC MVP) is specially designed for veterans transitioning from the military to a career in the trades. No experience is necessary, but your MOS may have already prepared you for this innovative 8-week training program that is free for veterans.

Contact us to get started in a career you’ll love and add your own veterans job program reviews. No experience is necessary, but your MOS may have already prepared you.

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